ecosys commits to sustainable development in many ways. 

Over and above the projects on which ecosys is working, which aim to preserve the environment through economic incentives, its employees commit themselves to comply with a Sustainable Development Charter. This Charter guarantees the continual improvement of the company’s performances.

The main internal challenge which ecosys is currently facing in terms of sustainability and environmental impacts is related to its employee travel. The projects the company works on require the team to travel to different countries for interviews, data collection, production diagnostics as well as presentations of reports and results. Although an important part of these activities are now held online, travel activities can still occur, which is why ecosys compensates (via the MyClimate compensation system) all plane CO2 emissions financially.

The company offices are in addition located 2 minutes away from the train station, making it easy for the employees – but also for partners and clients – to travel with public transport. All the employees possess annual train passes (half-fare).

Other internal measures implemented by the company are reviewed continuously and include switch plugs, quick stand-bys for printers and computers, transparency and communication, etc.