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Waste treatment (costs and management)

For the town of Fribourg, ongoing

This study aims at estimating the costs and revenues of waste treatment for the city of Fribourg. The study, carried out in partnership with the biol conseil SA, also aims to identify new waste management options.

Green Growth Strategic Framework (GGSF)

For the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), ongoing

Ecosys is coordinating the setup of Uzbekistan’s green growth strategic framework (GGSF) with national consultants and different donor organisations and is helping establish its content.

Thermic potential

For the cantonal energy office of Geneva (OCEN), ongoing

In partnership with Planair, ecosys aims to identify in this study the renewable thermic potential (in particular from biomass) of the canton of Geneva. The study aims to model prospective multi-energy scenarios.

NDC enhancement and green recovery

For the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), ongoing

The project aims at assessing opportunities to leverage NDC enhancement processes to guide Green Recovery, through an in-depth analysis of existing tools and the formulation of a step-by step guidance framework and supporting web-platform.

Solar cooperative project

For the renewable energy and resource efficiency promotion fund (REPIC), ongoing

The project, implemented with Chilean based consulting partner EBP, aims to setup a solar cooperative model in an “energy poverty” area of Chile. The project aims to improve access to renewable energy for vulnerable populations.

Socio-economic impact analysis

For the Industrial Services of Geneva (SIG), 2021

This analysis aims to understand the socio-economic impact of the services provided by the Geneva Industrial Services (SIG) activity, at the level of the canton of Geneva. It studies the direct and indirect economic effects (multiplier effect), as well as the external benefits.

CSR audit and concept for the CCIG

For the Chamber of Commerce of Geneva (CCIG), 2021

ecosys is auditing the CCIG on its CSR practices and setting priorities in terms of actions. Support is then offered to the organisation in designing a sustainability concept and implementing actions.

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