Decision making

Environmental goods and services are often neglected in the economic and political decision making process. Several reasons explain this :

  1. Legislation and regulation remain scarce and do not guarantee the internalisation of external environmental and social costs generated by economic activities.
  2. The consequences of environmental deterioration are indirect, they are sometimes scientifically uncertain and often evident only long after the actual damage occurs.
  3. The value of environmental goods and services is difficult to quantify given the absence of market pricing, therefore making an accurate financial accounting complicated.

Since the first studies by the World Bank at the end of the ’90s, ecosys has gained a lot of experience valuing environmental impacts in monetary terms. From a methodological point of view, our approach is to develop decision making tools (cost-benefit analysis, multi-criteria analysis) which take into account not only the usual costs and benefits, but also the environmental and social costs and benefits of any specific public or private projects.

Our expertise and services:

  • Economic analysis of the environment
  • Economic valuation of environmental damage, and priority setting for remediation measures on a micro, meso and macro economical scale
  • Cost-benefit analysis : net present value, return on investment and payback period
  • Multi-criteria analysis
  • Environmental and social inaction costs assessment
  • Valuing environmental and social benefits generated by measures and strategies for sustainable development
  • Analysis of benefits resulting from implementing environmental legislation
  • Economic analysis of remediation measures (avoiding/repairing environmental damage)