Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Numerous tools exist to help companies develop their operations in a sustainable manner. Their implementation can however be complex and requires expert external support. ecosys offers such expertise and helps companies to achieve their objectives with respect to their defined environmental and social commitments.

In particular ecosys offers CSR audits, which enable an assessment of the company’s key CSR procedures and identify needs and priorities as regards its goals for sustainable development. In addition, ecosys provides¬†recommendations and consulting services if required.

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Our expertise and services:

  • Corporate and social responsibility audit (using the AFAQ 26000 method or a tailor-made method)
  • Recommendations and support in the implementation of tools to enhance sustainability
  • Implementing¬†environmental and regulatory standards, labels and commitments¬†(ISO 14001¬†certification, Agenda 21, etc.)
  • Consulting for¬†Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) certification – a sectoral standard for the watch industry
  • Establishing carbon footprints (using the ABC method)
  • Consulting regarding adaptation strategies (evolving environmental regulation)
  • Helping companies respect CSR criteria in Procurement (procurement policies and implementation tools)
  • Financial analysis of sustainable investments (energy, technical and technological transition) and payback time
  • Helping companies manage their environmental impact (environmental policies, environmental dashboard, indicators and follow-up)