Public finance

Thermic potential of Geneva

For the cantonal energy office of Geneva (OCEN), ongoing

In partnership with Planair, ecosys aims to identify in this study the renewable thermic potential (in particular from biomass) of the canton of Geneva. The study aims to model prospective multi-energy scenarios.

NDC enhancement and green recovery

For the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), ongoing

The project aims at assessing opportunities to leverage NDC enhancement processes to guide Green Recovery, through an in-depth analysis of existing tools and the formulation of a step-by step guidance framework and supporting web-platform.

Financing the ecological transition of Greater Geneva

For the Department of Territory (DT) of the Canton of Geneva, ongoing

The main objective of the mandate – carried out with¬†the french consulting firm “Transitions” – is to support the authorities of Greater Geneva in the process of evaluating new (or reinforced) financial mechanisms that should make it possible to contribute to the financing of ecological transition actions and measures.

Waste treatment (costs and management)

For the town of Fribourg, 2023

This study aims at estimating the costs and revenues of waste treatment for the city of Fribourg. The study, carried out in partnership with biol conseil SA, also aims to identify new waste management options.

Economic and financial potential of the municipal strategy on climate emergency

For the Agenda 21 service and the Department of Finance, Environment and Housing (DFEL) of the City of Geneva, 2022

The purpose of this mandate is to: 1) Estimate the costs of inaction and expected co-benefits of the key measures provided for by the Municipal Strategy on Climate Emergency at the budgetary level and 2) Identify the potential for new revenues or cost savings for the City to finance the implementation of the strategy.

Formulation of sustainability indicators

For the DG DERI (State of Geneva), 2022

Ecosys supports the formulation of result and performance indicators for the measures of the Directorate General for Economic Development, Research and Innovation (DG DERI) in terms of sustainability and ecological transition.

Financial equalization report review

For the commune of La Chaux-de-Fonds, 2022

Examination of the arguments and empirical evidence presented in the report of the Council of State of May 5, 2021 on the request for classification of motion 19.124 of the “Financial equalization” commission (taking into account of geo-topographic criteria).

Economic assessment of CERN’s presence

For CERN, 2022

Alongside other experts, ecosys oversees the economic assessment of CERN’s presence in Switzerland (scientific monitoring of the study carried out by DiwEcon, Berlin).


Green Growth Strategic Framework (GGSF)

For the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), 2022

Ecosys is coordinating the setup of Uzbekistan’s green growth strategic framework (GGSF) with national consultants and different donor organisations and is helping establish its content.

Macroeconomic analysis of public spending for ecological transition

For the department of territory of canton Geneva, 2021

This study, carried out in partnership with the Institute for Applied Research in Economics and Management (IREG), aims to analyze the macroeconomic repercussions of public spending linked to ecological transition, at the level of the canton of Geneva.

Prospective study and feasibility analysis

For the Department of Culture and Sport (DCS) of the City of Geneva, 2020

This prospective study, carried out in collaboration with the Haute Ecole de Gestion (HEG) of Geneva, examines the impact of public subsidies on the size of the creative and cultural economy sector in Geneva.

Fiscal potential analysis

For the cantonal office of environment (OCEN) of Geneva, 2020

This study aims to identify the fiscal potential of several consumption objects in view of financing environmental protection. In particular, impacts on the tax base of new tax introductions are analysed.

Review of financial flows between the municipality of La Chaux-de-Fonds and the canton of Neuch√Ętel

For the municipality of La Chaux-de-Fonds, 2019

The main result of this analysis carried out with Eco’Diagnostic is, for the municipality of La Chaux-de-Fonds, the estimation of the additional expenses and revenues that would result from a total dismantling¬†of tasks between the two entities. Inter cantonal “perequation”¬†was the subject of a particular analysis.

Estimation of the economic impacts of the Third Business Tax Reform (RIE III) in the Canton of Geneva

For the Department of Finance of Canton Geneva, 2018

This study aims to assess the economic impacts of the Third Business Tax Reform (RIE III) in the Canton of Geneva.

Feasibility study of monetary valuation

For the Federal Office for Defense Procurement (Armasuisse), 2018

ecosys has been mandated to perform an economic valuation of the potential external benefits of specific equipment related investments undertaken by Armasuisse to improve the overall performance of the Swiss army.

Heading towards an ecological tax system, pilot study

For the Direction of the Environment of the State of Geneva, 2017

The aim of this study, carried out in partnership with the Geneva Business School (HEG), is to carry out an inventory of existing air protection taxes in Geneva and to rethink the economic incentives that cause adverse effects on air quality. The external costs associated with air pollution in Geneva are also quantified.

Analysis of the FEDEP and its financing

For the GIZ and the Ministry of environment and planification, 2016

The study aims to assess the situation of environmental protection and its financing in Algeria. It also aims to identify restructuration possibilities of the Environmental and Industrial Pollution Remediation Trust Fund (FEDEP), as well as potential financial resources for this Trust.

Instruments and suggestions for environmental fiscality in Burkina Faso

For the UNDP and the UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative, 2016

With the help of GRADD Ouagadougou, this study formulates a new environmental fiscality proposition in order to support the SCAD objectives (growth and sustainability strategy).

Analysis of the economicity of the 147 service run by Pro Juventute

For the Federal Office for Social Insurances (OFAS), 2016

Written in collaboration with Eco’Diagnostic, this study analyses the economicity of the 147 service (Child Helpline) run by Pro Juventute.

Study for the development on economical instruments for environmental protection on a national scale

For the Ministry delegated to the Environment in Morocco (MdE), 2015

This study aims to identify new financing sources for the National Funds for the Environment (FNE). Advantages and disadvantages, acceptability and feasibility, as well as social, economical and environmental impacts of the different instruments are analyzed.

Study on setting up an environmental accounting system in Morocco

For the Ministry delegated to the Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment in charge of the Environment, 2014

The main objectif of the study (written in partnership with sba) is to formulate a strategy for setting up an environmental accounting system in Morocco. It specifies the priority actions and process (governance) for implementing such a tool.

Imputing VAT in the Swiss transports account

For the Federal Office of Statistics, 2013

Analysis and recommendations concerning the imputation of VAT in the Swiss transports account (net or gross accounting).

Swiss navigation account: feasibility analysis and pilot account

For the Federal Office of Statistics and the Federal Office for Territorial Development, 2013

Estimate of the internal and external costs and revenues of the swiss navigation. This pilot account is to be integrated in the swiss transportation account (now renamed “Costs and financing of transports in Switzerland”).

Revising the tools which predict the financial impact of urban projects on communal finances

For the cantonal housing department of Canton Geneva, 2012

Revising the tools which predict the financial impact of urban projects on the communes’ finances for the Geneva Business School¬†(in collaboration with A. Baranzini et S. Carattini).

Ecological fiscal reform project in Morocco

For the Secretary of State in charge of water and environment, 2007

These studies and analysis identify current environmental protection instruments and potential new sources (principles, reforms, etc.). Studies in Canton Vaud (Switzerland) and in Morocco were written in collaboration with the specialist in fiscal law Prof. Xavier Oberson (Lawyer Study Oberson Avocats in Geneva).

Comparative analysis of fret transportation taxes by road in a OECD country panel, databank update

For the ECMT-OECD, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2007

Comparative analysis of fret transportation taxes by road in a OECD country panel, databank update.

Ecological fiscality project in Algeria

For the Algerian Ministry of Environment (MATE), 1999, 2001, 2002

These projects aimed to develop the ecological fiscal tools in Algeria.

Ecological fiscality in canton Vaud (Switzerland)

For the Département of infrastructures, 1999

This project aims to develop ecological fiscal tools in canton Vaud (Switzerland).

Project SAKO-I, economic and satellite accounts of the primary sector

For the Federal Office for Statistics, 1998-1999

Developing environmental accounting for the primary sector in Switzerland.

Dynamic pricing of the big industrial consumers of electricity (PSEL-OFEN)

For the CREM, 1998

Developing a model of pricing and of forecasting of the big industrial consumers of electricity.