Environmental policies

ecosys can help companies to set up strategies for environmental protection, and can help them select the best remediation measures from an economic and environmental point of view. On this basis, ecosys can help to formulate and implement action plans which take account of environmental and economic constraints.

Expertise is required to adapt the existing economic instruments for environmental protection to address the needs, risks and opportunities inherent in a complex and changing context. For instance, fully understanding and assessing the impact of environmental taxes is a necessary step in order to ensure that the introduction of such policies meets the objectives of sustainability without causing undesired economic, social or environmental side effects.

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Our expertise and services :

  • Defining, drafting and setting up environmental policies
  • Analyzing upfront the economic, environmental and social impacts of possible instruments, such as environmental taxes, regulatory standards or cap and trade certificates
  • Analyzing stakeholder acceptability and practical feasibility for proposed environmental policies
  • Environmental tax expertise
  • Public and environmental satellite accounts analysis
  • Development and setting up of environmental (or “green”) accounting
  • Environmental Trust Funds diagnosis
  • Accompaniment on the elaboration of cantonal & communal energy and climat plans (PECC)
  • Assessment of public service financing
  • Estimating public expenditure in favour of the environment (budget climate tagging, etc.)
  • Public and environmental policies evaluation
  • Advice concerning the introduction of environmental standards, labels and commitments (ISO 14001 certification, Agenda 21, Aalborg commitments, etc.)